Phillips DVDRW885: can anyone help me?

Hello everyone - newbie here! Not sure what the protocol in this forum is but whats everyone drinking ?:smiley:

I wonder if any of you may be able to help me with a conundrum that I have…:o

I am not highly computer techy but can find my way around if you know what I mean.

I am running a Pentium 4 pc with windows XP professional SP2. I have a Phillips DVDRW drive - model Phillips DVDRW885 Dual Layer.

For video editing I am using Ulead VideoStudio 11 Plus - release 11.0.0157.0 Plus.

I am having a problem with burning discs once the video is edited. If I insert a DVD+R disc it recognises it fine, and burns quite happily.

However if I put a -R DVD (the preferred disk for video?) it does not even recognise there is a disk in the drive and just keeps telling me to “insert disc”.

It quite happliy will play -R discs though…

But if you put a blank -R disk in the drive, and try and browse it in explorer - again it doesn’t seem to recognise that there is even a disk there…

Am i missing something ? Or is there a fix for this ?

Very sorry if this is a silly question -but any help would be appreciated! Thanks everyone

Hi 998gsb and welcome to the forums.

Try updating your firmware. I seem to remember something about this drive needing to switch between different firmwares depending and what you are burning.

Edit - this link may help

Thank you Keyap…I had a look at the link you posted - to be honest i lost the gist about half way through - when it started talking about flashing etc…:eek:

Forgive my ignorance, but what is “Firmware” and where do I get it from ?

Thank you again for your help…

Here is the link to the Philips firmware update page:-

Once you’ve located your drive if you look under the FAQ’s, especially the ‘updating your drive’, it should provide you with some basic answers and precautions / actions to take when updating firmware.

I did also notice that two different version of the firmware were available ‘B’ & ‘P’. Before flashing please make sure you identify your drive’s current version (via FAQ’s -which drive do I have) as I suggest you use the same. In some cases using the wrong one could cause damage to the drive. It is more likely though that either will work (providing flashing from ‘B’ to ‘P’ or vica verca is allowable) and that the difference simply apply to whether the drive was sold specifically as a Philips or wholesale model.

If you are really unsure you could use the Philips update agent which will identify and download the correct firmware for you. This is available here:

I have also viewed the version history on both as I was a little concerned that you may need to switch between firmwares depending on what type of disk you were burning. The good news is the latest version has removed this requirement.

On a final note just a word of warning - if anything goes wrong during a ‘flash’ your drive could be damaged beyond repair. It is unlikely that this will happen and most people never experience a problem.

Hope this helps and please post back if you need further help or are unsure of anything. Remeber its better to ask, even if the question seems silly, than do something wrong :flower:

Excellent help - thank you so much…decided to use the firmware idagent to make sure, downloaded Firmware 2.0…and hey presto -it works and now recognises -R disks - thanks for pointing me in the right direction…very much appreciated!:clap:

Good to know it worked :clap::clap:

Update…I spoke too soon:(

Whilst the drive now happily recognises -R disks…I went to burn a copy of a video on the drive…and off it went quite happily so I left it to it…

I came back to it, and there was an error message on screen “Ulead has encountered a problem and needs to close” <<OK>>

The actual burn process on to the disk hadn’t yet commenced…

Tried two more times…same thing…

Any ideas ? Ulead doesn’t say what problem it has encountered…so I have no idea where to start looking…

Does it still burn +Rs OK ??

Could you also try a different burning problem in order to identify whether the problem is specific to Ulead.

Havent tried with a +R - will give it a go and report back…