Hello everyone, over the last few months, I’ve had problems recording from my Sky box into my Phillips DVDR 985. It happily records BBC1-4, ITV 1-3, Ch4, Ch5, UK Gold (but not UK Style) and a lot of the cheapo channels but not Sky One, E4 and the like… however I have previously been recording for a few years with no problems at all.

As a simple test, I put the DVD recorder into record mode, recording from the AUX2 input and then start flicking through the channels. As you can tell from the list above, it will happily record some but not others.

I’ve been recording “ER” on E4 since it started but not anymore. Now, all I get is the message COPYPROTECT appear on the DVD recorder’s display but switching to another channel will be fine. Switch back again and thre COPYPROTECT message appears.

I called Sky last night, to see if Sky One (for example) has recently started sending some sort of blocking signal but no-one knew anything about it.

i have powered the DVDR off, I have even updated the firmware and ran the internal diagnostics program but they all came up fine. It just won’t record E4 or Sky One (or most other channels) anymore!

I have been searching through Fourms for days, in the hope of finding that I’m not the only one but it appears that I am.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions… thank you.

Best wishes


PS - just to be clear, this message appears on most of the satellite channels that come with any package. I have a legitimate Sky viewing card and an account, no hacks, nothing dodgy… Sky say it must be my recorder but they would say that…

This happens very infrequently to me using DVDR75/17 with analogue cable. There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason to why a particular channel at any point in time. It just seems to happen randomly.