Phillips DVDR3570H Won't start/initalise



Hi all, thanks for letting me join this forum. I have a Philips DVDR3570H that won’t start. The “Starting” icon comes up on the display, the hard drive seems to spin up and the blue hard drive active light comes on and off a few times … then it just shuts down and shows the time on the display. When I re-press the power on button it just goes through this process again. Where do I start looking - software/firmware glitch / upgrade needed?; Hard Drive fault? Should I consider formatting the Hard Drive? Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated. I am half way through downloading the user manual right now also (on 28k sloooow dialup)

Many thanks!

West Eyreton
New Zealand:eek:


It’s a hard disk problem. I had the same issue when I foolishly tried to reformat the HD on a PC. The file format used is RAW, which isn’t recognised by most PC OS. The Philips HD must contain some system files that it looks for on startup. If the disk becomes corrupt (or you’ve formatted it), it won’t find them and won’t start. I got round this by buying a used HD from, which came complete with all the hidden Philips files. Hope this helps.


Hi Graham,
I am in Rangiora with a Phillips DVD showing the same tendencies as yours. Did you get a result and are you able to help me.
Would be very grateful even 6 mths after your web posting.


Graeme Pratley
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Hi Graeme - great name you have there! Yes I did fix the DVDR3570H I was looking at. It was not, as had been suggested by another poster, end up being a hard drive fault. The recorder needed a firmware upgrade. Here is a link to the phillips site where you can download the upgrade - it is 39Mb if you are on dialup - like I am :wink: The file is in the right hand bottom corner of the page. Download the readme file as well as it gives you the procedures to use and what buttons to press in what order to upload the new fimware that you have copied to CD.

Email me if you have any further questions but I think you will find it vey easy to do.



Many thanks Musso. Will get on to it and tell you how I make out.

Cheers again.