Phillips dvdr1625k burner help!

I brought a phillips dvd burner recently and i am having problems with the write speeds!!!

It will not write faster than 1.4X when burning DVD+R when it claims it can burn at 16X!!!

i am running this burner on my new PC, I have never had problems before on my old pc when using my sony burner.

i have the same problem when using nero or roxio!!!

chek the DMA ! :iagree:

Checked as you said above device 0 is set to dma but device 1 which i assume is my new burner is set to Current Transfer Mode = PIO, Transfer Mode = DMA if available

The drive should be un ULtra DMA Mode not PIO which is why the speed is so low.

Try uninstalling the IDE controller the dvdr1625k is attached from to the device manager and then reboot the computer and let Windows re-detect the hardware as that sometimes can help cure the problem.

Thanks for your help guys!! I have it sorted now. I have had to enable the device in the bios!!! once this was enabled i could set it to DMA!!! Whoopie!!!