Phillips DVDR 880 fault

Recently when I record onto a DVD RW disks I get told the disk is empty when I want to play it back, even with a brand new disk. I know the recording has worked as I can watch on my PC. Also, there is no problem playing back original, i.e. purchased, DVDs. This is v. frustrating - what can I do to fix this?

Unfortunately if you can’t play commercial pressed DVDs then the laser has malfunctioned. It’s an acknowledged fault with the Philips DVDR8x0 series, and unless your machine is still under guarantee then repair is going to cost more than the machine is worth.

The RW media used must be suitable for your standalone or you could damage it…

Ah - sorry, I misread the bit about commercial DVDs :o . If you can play them then that’s encouraging.

chef’s solution is a possibility: for example that the +RW you are using is rated at too high a speed.

Otherwise your laser could be on the way out. How is it with your older discs that have been used before?

Okay, this seems to be an older one:

Either search for an firmware update from Philips or use only 2.4x rated +R and +RW media.

Hi, I’ve got the DVDR75 Model with the same problems, it’s not good news i’m afraid. Mine is insured and i described the problems to the Philips engineer and he knew exactly what was wrong- The Laser assembly, which was discontinued a year ago, so my machine will be “written off”, as it is not repairable. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Nigel