Phillips DVD8601 convert to Benq 1620

I realize that this may be an oldie but I really could use some details instructions for converting my drive.
I have a Phillips DVD8602 and want to get it in the better preforming BENQDW1620
I have read a bunch of blogs but the links seem dead.
I am also really new at this and would like detailed step by step instructions on how to complete it.

thanks a million

Welcome to the forum. Cross flashing is risky and can kill a drive I would say to the age of the drive I wouldn’t recommend cross flashing unless you really know what your doing.

I appreciate your advice. I still however feel like giving it a shot. If someone had a clear set of instructions that will help me with the process of conversion I wwould still like to give it a try it. The next step would be simply replacing the drive for something better so I have little to lose.
So again the question is can someone please provide an updated process for specifically converting a Phillips dvd8601 to a Benq1620

thanks for the help
best regards