Phillips dvd +- rw dvd8631 question



I have searched but need some clarification, i just got a dell xps gen 3 that has this drive in it, is there anything specific i need to do so that i can burn -r without a problem?

please point me in the right direction or email me thanks

sorry if this a stupid newbie question


have a read through this guide if you need any feather help then post your questions here.

also this is a public forum so all help and fixes should be posted not e-mailed, so others with the same problem can read the thread.


Make sure you do a few test burns on different media and make sure that you can play the dvd’s back on your standalone players. Mine appeared to be working good, but when I went to play back the dvd’s on my standalones, there were all kinds of problems. I tried all the dell firmwares and had no success. But, some people are having good success with this drive. Personally, I called dell and had them pull this drive and install a plextor.