Phillips DVD-R 8x

My friend took me to this hole in the wall media place, that sells mainly to bootleggers, LOL, anyways, he purchased 2 50 packs spindles for $20. Good deal? Are these DVD’s any good? 100 DVD-R for $20 seems good to me, especially for someone new and still learning.

If you have the discs, try and find out who makes them. Phillips don’t actually manufacture those discs. You need the MID (media identification code).

You can use IMGburn or cdspeed to find out who makes it.

Yeah, next time I see him, I’ll get a couple from him, thanks for all your help pirate.

More than likely they will be CMC MAG AE1, but you never know.

[QUOTE=negritude;2008955]More than likely they will be CMC MAG AE1, but you never know.[/QUOTE]

That’s what I would’ve said, too. :iagree:

The OP might like to have a look on too though, to see if there’s any other possibilities :slight_smile:

Are CMC MAG AE1 any good?

Very stable media. I’ve only used E01 (8x +R) under the Philips brand, but those were good. :slight_smile:

You guys rock, thanks for all your information, it really helps a n00bster like me not have to waste money on crap media and also have less coasters.

Well hopefully they’re AE1. I haven’t used a great deal of AE1 but they worked quite well when I did.

I’m more experienced with E01, which is quite solid media.

You were lucky to find a known brand in there. I’ve seen places like that that only sell Lydata, Pringo, SKmax, and no, I didn’t misspell any of those brands (if you can call them that).

The dude who owns the joint is a trip, he had 3 towers with like 7/8 burners in them each burning & he sells bootleg ink also, LMFAO.