Phillips digital dvd player

[qanda]This thread is about the Philips DVP3960 1080i HDMI DivX DVD Player. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]:sad:Help…I actually have the DVP3962 1080i HDMI but it wasn’t listed in the product group. My problem is this: I bought a new DVD to play and this is the only DVD that does this. It goes to a screen asking for a password. Of course I lost the manual and don’t know what to do about this password so I can play the movie. Its just a player hooked up to my flat screen tv. I’ve tried everything…nothing works. Any suggestions?


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You can access the user manual by going to the Philips product page on this link, then click “Support” and under the product support menu, click “User Manuals”

The default password for your player is “136900”.

According to the Philips website, if you cannot unlock a disc with the password, it can be removed by updating the firmware of your player. Updated firmware can be obtained on the “Software & drivers” section under the same “Product support” menu.