Phillips Cdr 870 Cd Recorder



Hi, I have a cd recorder a phillips cdr 870 very similar to a standalone traxdata model i own , I have encountered a small problem with the phillips standalone cdr recorder which I hope some one may be able to advise me on, It plays and records fine however when i come to finalise the cd ive recorded It starts the countdown from 2.00 when it gets to 1.49 on the counter suddenly it jumps up to 4.00 mins to finalise the cd ! it continues to count down then as normal the cd produced is fine its just a small fault which has only just surfaced after years of problem free use, tried contacting phillips but they suggested a repair which isnt viable on cost grounds , I think a re install or upgrade of the 870 software would be the answer but cannot find a link or site to get the latter any help welcome


Just joined so don’t know if anyone replied to you ? I have had the same probs with my CDR870 and Traxdata Clone !! Two suggestions that cleared the problem for me a) clean the laser lens with metholated spirites Note: only use purple coloured industrial spirit not clear medical spirit! b) Use a different brand disc or same brand but different batch…i always use leading branded discs as i have had numerous probs with unbranded! The above actions have rectified the faults for me on quite a few occasions.
I assume you know that it it possible to record non audio/music cdr discs, eg computer cdr discs, in these wonderful machines ??!!


Also just joined after google spat out this thread in my search for some info on my CDR-870. Had very similar simptom with my machine as SHREK2005. Only that mine did it for a few times before having stopped finalising completely. Had it checked out - Laser replacement due. Only that in South-Africa Philips do not bring spares in for this model. Never been sold here as official line. Mine, private import. Any suggestions?


Ref your problem with your Cdr 870. I have a Service Manual/Parts List for the components that were made available as Spares. The Philips Pt No of the Manual is 4822 725 25241.
If you order a copy ensure you also order Service Informatio A98-250, Pt No 4822 725 25244 which is a modification to rectify 3 problems such as “Bad Recording” when using the original optical input, also replacement of the Eprom having a later Software version, and rectification of a CD Sync problem. There maybe later service bullitins available since i purhased the above.
I obtain my Philips spares in the UK from a firm called Dutch West Tel 0044 1434 323232. Ensure you have ALL the details from the information plate on the rear of the machine.
There is also a superb Circuit Description manual which explains the theory of how the Cdr 870 works with excellent drawings and text Pt No 4822 725 25242 should you be so inclined !


Further to my advice above if you wish to contact me send me a Private Message especially if you know what part you require and i will attempt to give you the part no required.



Thank-you for the info. Since having posted the thread in Feb I’ve not got round to checking for replies. Needless to say my CDR-870 is still not working, but nicely packed away for the day of repair.

I would dearly like to get the part number for the lazer from you since this is what I will be ordering in any case - Just to be safe and to have a spare.

Does Dutch West have a website?