Phillips cdd5263 driver



my son has a compaq presario 2223us notebook. suddenly and for reasons unknown the philips cdrw/dvd cdd5263 doesnt work in the device manager there is a yellow ! and the properties show that the driver is corrupted or missing and also when you try to update or rollback the driver it says no drivers have been backed up for this device, what to do???

also we have looked for the driver on all the usual places but have had no luck


do whats suggested at this article;[LN];314060

anyway there are no drivers for optical drives windows have its generic driver for it which is good enough


Have you tried uninstalling it in device manager then reboot and let windows install the generic driver.


that has already been done and the cd-drive is still non functional.


were scared


dont be believe me if it wont fix it,it wont damage anything either
do it with confidence

edit you kinda got me confused did you do as suggested in the link i gaved?


we just finished doing what the link said but we found no upper filters we are waiting for rebooting to finish


hip hip horay!! thank you so much now we not only have our computer back we have a new sense of confidence thanx


Good call phil