Phillips CDD4851 Flashed, Not Reading

Thanks to anyone taking time out to check this out…

I bought a HP Pavillion 7965 two years ago. It had top specs at the time, ,512 ram, 80 gig harddrive 1.7 ghz blah blah blah and its drives were a DVD drive thats is fine and my Phillips CDD4851 HP CD wRiter Plus that is buggin out. it had been working wonderful unitl about 3 months ago. what happened was it would not burn certain discs or would only burn certain tracks to not burning at all, and then a day later burning on and off. I reaLLY didnt know what to do so i did a little reseach and flashed the drive to 4.0 because it said it would work. It says the drive is there and there is nothing wrong and it is recognized by HP Record NOw by VEritas but it doesnt recognize ANY discs or if i put in a blank it doesnt do much either. Just the dreaded RED LIGHT blinks for 15 minutes before it spits the disc out. I can take it to Best buy and they can check it i have warranty but i wanted to see if any of you guys could help 1st… thanks alot if you could email me at before posting that would help thanks

Try flashing the drive again. Maybe there was an error in the flash the first time.