Phillips CD Writer problem - wants to format disc

Reguardless of CD type (audio, software, CD-R(W)) I get a windows yes/no message box asking me if I want to format the disc. I select no of course and cannot see any data on the cd, select yes and windows informs it cant, as expected.

I have tried the following:

Uninstalled Nero
Uninstalled CD Writer and reinstall
Disconnect the device boot connect reboot plug and play install
Driver Updated

The writer acts like its reading the disc when I insert a cd (it does not auto launch when an audio cd is inserted)

The device is IDE
I am running Windows 2000 Pro
Im am not sure of the model number (im at work, machine at home)
I have checked out hardware profiles and and everything is fine, no conflicts and the CDwriter is working properly according to windows.

Any help?

kinda odd problem. I would flash firmware for the drive also after that i would move it to anther machine and hook it up there and see if it works. If it works there you know it is something on your system and not the drive itself. Also with that said I have never seen a drive say format it unless it was floppy drive. When floppy drive said needs to format and dont do it that was just a bad floppy. But I would follow those steps and if it does work in another machine we can take a further look at your machine.


Flashing firmware just lets the drive see more brands of CR’s and helps with performance.

did the drive work with the same media as you have now ? also try different media to see if same results.

thanks for the tip on flashing… I guess I should look for a firmware update or something?

I am dumbfounded by this … Ill try the other machine thing too…

here is a good site for firmware i use it all the time. you just look up your model and download the newest firmware.

good luck and keep us informed.