Phillips after Music Industry

I just posted the article Phillips after Music Industry.

Phillips, one of the major leaders in the CD industry is now going to war, and the enemy is the Music Industry.

Phllips want’s the following label on all the media’s that are protected: This…

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Hey phillips cant do it on there own. If the public doesnt buy there CD’s, that would spell doom to the industry.

I Philips is right A CD is pure audio and not audio with added or corrupted data. A cd that doesnt work on all audio cd players is of less quelity because that unit can’t read it due to errors. Simple! So if the music industry will sell audio data on disks as they now present (if protected) they have to find a new name for it, but they still use the technologhy of Philips.

Perhaps they could name these new discs - Computer Recorded Audio Programs or CRAP for short. At least that way, they wouldn’t break any truth in advertising rules.

This should be interesting; If my memory is correct was it not Phillips AND ‘$ony’ that set the standard for the yellow book?? It would nice to see Sony have to label their CD’s This CD is C.R.A.P. :4 although they seem to be the only(major) label using CD-Text My new Years resolution is 800x600

Warning: The contents of this CD have been tampered with by the R.I.A.A. Incidental use may cause sterility in mice and other gentle laboratory animals. In other words it ain’t CD! :4

Three cheers for Phillips. There’s a reason there are standards (such as red-book and ISO standards). When I buy a disc that has the Compact Disc Audio emblem on it it better damn well be standard and not some tampered with, corrupted, RIAA inception. I’d like to see Phillips revoke the licenses from anyone using CD-Audio in non-standard ways. I see a battle coming…between the hardware manufacturers and the entertainment agency if they are going to try to keep forcing hardware manufacturers to include digital copy protection and force them to “license” it from these leeches like Macrovision just to be able to sell legally in the US. Long live open systems and open technologies!!!

We should find a way to support the companies against Macrovision and other CRAP companies. Send them an e-mail or buy their media to boost their confidence in the war against CRAP.

hey andyman210 you probably don’t understand. They still use the technologhy from Philips!!!

Anyone know a way we can directly support Philips?? They’re telling the RIAA where to shove it. Not because of our interests but because of their own but none the less, theirs match up with ours :slight_smile:

This certainly is a good start! Sure hope Philips gets its way! Personally, however, I would prefer it the other way around: Label the CDs that are NOT protected with a message that explicitly says so. This is the only way we can be ABSOLUTELY sure that the CDs that we consider buying will not be protected. With copy protection becoming such an issue these days, I, for one, have decided to stop buying CDs until I can clearly distinguish the unprotected ones (i.e., those potentially worth buying) from the protected ones (i.e., the CRAP).

Hooray for philips! Of cource record companies have to comply, the CD starndard belongs to philips, they invented it, and as far as I know they have the patnts. Hence those little logos on every CD[rom] disc and box, philips demandss them. This is a great Idea, somebody make a “Support the C.R.A.P initiative” website where we can show our support

This is very cool. AndyMan210: …that is halarious!