Phillips 2400 crossflash to shw1635s

Hi, I have just ordered the Philips spd2400 from SVP for £20. If I am not happy with the Phillips firmware, to crossflash to the shw1635 do I simply run the Liteon shw1635s update. Would this invalidate my guarantee?
Which firmware is thought to be the best , the latest ie DR16ysox ?
Thanks Rob

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Take a look here.
Crossflashing will invalidate your warranty. So it’s up to you.

But at £20 it’s a very small risk & worth it I’d say.

Once flashed to a 1635S with the codeguys firmware you can just update directly from the Liteon site.

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I agree with you. :iagree: But then it’s a value judgement. :rolleyes:
Personally if there’s a gain I’d go for it even with my £70 odd Plextors. :doh:

Agreed, I’d take the risk and crossflash it - I did mine practically as soon as I got them from SVP. I flashed my £55 1693S with Codeguys’ firmware too (voiding my warranty), but it was well worth it. :slight_smile:

is there a specific code guys firmware for the philips spd2400 or as someone has already asked but not gotten an answer to just stock firmware flash and util, as there just seems to be the stock firmware on codeguys page for this drive, So i take it, it’s execute .exe and wait.
I have 4 of the philips drives from svp and everyone will not write xbox backups that will play on xbox with samsung drive, need to flash at least one of them its in usb enclosure at minute is liteon flasher ok to use with usb2 enclosure (prolific chipset in caddy)

never mind, and its ok flashing over usb 2 as well, well it is using the chipset in my enclosure, now jsut gotta see if it fixes lead in

Have you succesfully crossflashed your Philips 2400? Given the price, I’m tempted to buy one as well …

BTW, is shw1635s a good quality check scanner?

The 1635S is a very good quality scanner (at 8x scanning speed, BTW). I use one of mine quite a lot for that in the other PC. :slight_smile:

If you get one from SVP it’s now a Philips 1660P1 , which is a Benq 1650. Several of us have got this as well & cross flashed back to the Benq. For £20 it’s a snip.

Yep, whether you end up with a LiteOn or a BenQ, you’ve got an excellent drive in either one. :slight_smile:

I have some questions about SPD2400. for doing the crossflashing to SHW-1635S under winxp, will be enough to execute the [B]1635S.YS0W.stock.exe[/B] ([B]YSOW-stock[/B] firmware downloaded from first by double-clicking, and then updating the firmware to the latest official [B]YSOY[/B] or the test [B]YV6N[/B] version again by executing the [B]YS0Y.EXE[/B] or [B]YV6NWIN.EXE[/B] respectively?? my current SPD2400 firmware is [B]Y5H3[/B], how can I backup it?? how crossflashing the drive back to SPD2400 from SHW-1635S is possible?? if the drive is first crossflashed to SHW-1635S and then to SPD2400 and go to RMA as SPD2400, is there any possibility RMA to recognize that the drive was crossflashed to SHW-1635S which avoids the warranty??

To back up an existing firmware use LtnFW.

The procedure you quote for cross flashing is correct, at least that’s what I did.

Yes flashing back to a 2400 should be possible using LtnFW. I say should as I’ve not done it & I doubt many others have.

You’ll probably get away with the RMA having done all this if you have no moral objections to it. Though personally if I’d screwed it up I’d just bin it.

thanks a lot for the answer, I understood that there’s no need of using any program for the crossflashing process from SPD2400 to SHW-1635S (i.e LtnFW, XFlash or XSF), executing the firmware files will be enough. so according to the sentence quoted I can give the drive to warranty or request a RMA without any doubt (I’ve wondered if the drive can store the list of flash processes made) and there’s no way the service to recognize that the drive was crossflashed ;). unfortunately I don’t have the chance to bin the drive, it’s my 3rd optical drive and I’ve spent an extra effort to get it. instead of that, in any case, I’m searching all the ways for bringing it back to life :smiley:

Providing you use the codeguys stock firmware that should be all you need to do.

I returned a NEC 3500 once having tried various firmwares to get it to burn properly & had no problems from the vendor.

Thanks guys. I had one of these drives in a secondry system, but moved it to my primary after seeing that the 1635S is good at scans.

crossflashed & upgraded to YSOY firmware easily (after backing up the orig)

thanks for the list of steps & links.

finally I’ve flashed my SPD2400 to SHW-1635S with YSOW-stock firmware and then upgrade to official YSOZ. but I wonder if everything has gone OK because after the flashing with stock YSOW firmware, “Done” and process “100%” appeared and at the very top the drive was recognised as SHW-1635S but there wasn’t any warn like “Flashing completed successfully”, so I had to close the programme from Task Manager. after that I restarted the pc and upgraded successfully to YSOZ, at the end of flashing to YSOZ there were warnings like “Flashing completed successfully” and “You can restart…”. the drive burns well but due to being new to Smartburn feature I’m trying all possibilities to reach the best burn quality and 1 of 5 media became a crap :). is my flashing process to YSOW normal and what are your recommended Smartburn settings for the best burn quality?? also afterwards I’ve noticed that YSOZ stock firmware has released but there are YSOZ stock and YSOZ stock-flashfixed. in any case, which firmware should I use to crossflash SPD2400 to SHW-1635S, YSOZ stock or YSOZ stock-flashfixed??