Philipsdvd 610

[qanda]This thread is about the Philips DVD Recorder DVDR610. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hi
i have a problem with my philipsdvd610 it will not record .when i set the timer it it gets to the time to start then comes up (no disc).please help.

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I’ve had the old “No Disc” error on my own Philips (a DVDR-5500), and often it’s due to mediocre media.

What disc brand are you using? And if it’s a RW disc, how old is it/how many times has it been used?

Also, I know it’s a pain losing all your channels etc, but if it happens every single time, have you tried restoring the factory settings? That often works, I’ve had to do it as a last resort with mine a few times.

BTW, crossposting (posting the same thing in more than one forum) is against our forum rules, so I’ve removed your other thread in the DVD Tests forum.