Philips wins lawsuit against Princo & Gigastorage



I just posted the article Philips wins lawsuit against Princo & Gigastorage.

Since Philips introduced its Veeza CD-R licensing system, they had quite a bit of success with its new licensing system with CMC Magnetics, Ritek, Prodisc Technology, Daxon Technology and…

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come on dammit. Like the USA is the ONLY market in the world. I can understand protecting your patents et al, but puhlease stop thinking that the USA is your be all end all of all markets. All this is going to do is protect us from the craptacular princo and gigastorage media, and leave these companies open to provide it to the rest of the world. I bet they are just shaking in their boots!@


This needs to serve notice why the format battle between next generation DVD is so important. The attempt to copy Phillips efforts is a potential windfall far beyond our mere pockets. The USA is the prefect market to test the Legality of these patents and copy-rights, plus the ability to enforce. We’re talking about two companies that had opportunity to join the program (Veeza) and did not. What ever reason does not matter, selling sub-standard products has to judged on some up-held rule. Veeza is policing the quality we all have complained about. It’s alittle late.


Great! Keep away that TRASH called Princo, from our markets :B




finally the patent offices do something right