Philips wins civil action against Gigastorage and Princo

I just posted the article Philips wins civil action against Gigastorage and Princo.

reports that Philips has won a civil lawsuit in the US districe court in the
Southern District of New York against the two Taiwanese CD-R/W manufacturer
Gigastorage and Princo. Both…

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On a side note, Princo doesn’t even know how to produce 8x discs yet!

phillips is retarded they just keep on sueing companies because they supposedly own the dvd+r/dvd-r formats and they need money i got something to tell you phillips no one is going to buy your dvd+rw that costs 20 bux for 5 when i can get me 25 ridata of the same quality for 7 dollars someone should sue them under the antitrust laws that this nation has stop trying to raise the price of my cheap dvdr discs

2 times wrong. Princo can make 8x DVD-R disc’s. Some evidence for the people who don’t believe me Also dvd-identifier can identify these !!!. Point is that with the current issues with Philips and other compannies most compannies have decided to not stock these. To buzz86us guess you don’t know what a patent is. Philips is not retarded but just a normal companny. Let me say this in the real big world things go like this. R&D can not be done without money. And for makeing new products you need R&D. Ridata does pay the levy and see how cheap these disc’s can be. So the second part of your buy 5 for 20 or 25 for 7.50 shows you don’t know a thing about this one.
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in my country philips lobbied a long time ago to get a levy on dvd-r to be twice as high as on their +r format, and now this… this way philips will loose a lot of ppl’s respect very fast.

On one side this is good news, on the other side it could bring some bad influence in the future…