Philips warranty repairs in the US?

There have been some queries on other AV forums about getting Philips machines repaired/replaced in the US. Whilst we have some sort of procedure to recommend in the UK, now that we’re part of a wider audience do any of our US contributors have any advice or suggestions for a successful outcome there?

All the warranty repairs in the US are now done in Louisville, Kentucky. You have to get an RMA# first from
the customer service number: 1-888-PHILIPS.

Thanks - that’s a good start. Are there any difficulties with Philips Customers services in the US honouring the one-year warranty extension (to a total of two years on particular machines) that they seem responsive to in the UK?

I haven’t heard about any problems. In fact I just got
something in the mail about signing up for a 2 year extension. I didn’t sign up yet though.

Rest assured that Philips offers no such two year deal in the US. I had a DVDR1500 that went bad on me so they sent a DVDR80 as a replacement, a few months after the warranty had expired (they had SO many 1500’s go bad that they replaced them for anyone that raised a stink regardless of the age). The DVDR80 has now failed in exactly the same manner but Philips will do nothing for me because - and this is as lame as anything I have heard - the only warranty that they honor is the warranty on the ORIGINAL machine! That means that there was actually no warranty on the replacement machine at all! Tough luck for me because they aren’t concerned about it. I even said that I would gladly take a refurb or a non-current unit as a replacement, or send mine to be repaired if they would pay for it. No dice.

Bottom line is that I have had two Philips DVD recorders that have failed and they will do nothing for me regarding the second unit - the one that they sent to replace the original failed unit. I am going to keep bugging them in hopes that they will get tired of hearing from me and do something to rectify this but I seriously doubt that they will. Needless to say, there is no two year warranty over here…