Philips Vs. TDK Vs. LiteOn

got a choice of any of these burners

Philips PCRW1208K - 32x12x8 - Safedisc2 compatible / Seamless link (burn-proof)
TDK Vortex - 32x12x10 - probly some burn proof program
LiteOn LTR12101B-30YC - 32x12x10 - burn-proof probly

whats best??

the philips seems best but only 8x rw??

what do u reckon??


Originally posted by LiGhTfast
what do u reckon??


Using the search? (ps this is nothing personal, you just were randomly picked for my ranting on this subject :wink: )

This question (in one form or the other) has been posted many times. I stopped reading these topics because I can see this question coming back over and over again.

Here a quote from my post in the admin forum on this subject:

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Da_Taxman
[B]Ok, since I have been building a new reputation as a nag anyways, this one will probably only add more to it :wink:

Recently we seem to have very many questions from people who want to know what burner they should buy. In this regard it is of course important that the burner can handle the latest protection schemes and produces reliable copies of whatever they want to copy (games/audio).

Now I have to admit myself that I haven’t kept track of the main news page recently, so this question could be as redundant as many others on this forum (and to which I so mightily protest by referring to the search function :wink: ), but can’t someone write one very elaborate article dealing with a full range of writers and their capability of handling copy protection schemes.

This combined with an article about protection schemes and the way they work. The article about circumventing the latest copy protection for audio cd’s attracted great media attention and so could an article on other copy protections as well. All of this of course in the light of the legal reasons to use backups (not wanting to damage the originals when going to LAN-parties for example)

I already found this article:

[li]SafeDisc 2 writers list update…
[/li]> [li]Beat SafeDisc with Insektors, now also for Windows 9x
[/li]> [li]Another SafeDisc 2 theory
[/li]> [li]Blindread and Blindwrite available!
[/li]> [li]12/10/32A SD2 Copies not only readable in writer
[/li]> [li]Update: Plextor 121032s and Safedisc 2 copies…
[/li]> [/ul]

Different reviews found on other sites and mentioned at CD Freaks:

[li]PlexWriter 16/10/40A review
[/li]> [li]Hard Extreme Ricoh MP7200 20/10/40 CD-RW Review
[/li]> [li]Yamaha 20x/10x/40x CD-RW With SafeBurn Review
[/li]> [li]Review: TEAC CD-W516EB
[/li]> [li]Safedisc 2 copies work on the Ricoh 7125a…
[/li]> [li]Top 10 CDRW’s @ CNN
[/li]> [/ul]

Could someone please write a comprehensive article about these so we can skip all the questions on the forum about “what writer to buy”. An article that deals with both the ability to deal with copy protections as well as budgettary aspects (not everyone is willing to spend the money to buy a more expensive Plextor when a Lite-On (that is cheaper) can do the trick as well.

The questions to me indicate there is need for this kind of information (and yes, they do annoy me because practically the same question gets asked over and over again)

Thank you so much to whoever is going to write this article :wink:

And as you can see, I did use the search function after all :wink: [/B]
If someone is willing and capable of writing a comprehensive article as described below, I am even willing to put up a small donation in return. This is coming out of my own pocket and without discussing this with the bosses (so I hope they agree). If someone writes such an article and its quality meets our standards, I am willing to put up 100 Dutch Guilders (about $40) for the person who writes it. (and of course your name with the article that will undoubtedly be published on our main site, which we have seen to attract tens of thousands of visitors each day and made the international news last week)

Sounds fair to me :slight_smile:

i did run a search for the writers mentioned but only found more questions as no one replied to posts about them so i dunno what to do so…

looks like a post with no answers again :frowning:

why not have a public database of writers that people can add new writers and their views/experiances too?? that would be better than a forum and more organised…