Philips upgrade, help needed

hi, i want to buy a philiph dvd player dvp630 or632
i read some threads and if i am not mistaken this dvd’s can play divx with external subs (srt,sub).
can i play divx with external subtitles without downloading upgrades? i read that i may have to download some filmware, can anyone tell me tha link and the number of the filmware to play external subtitles? i want to play greek subtitles, is this the same filmware with english subtitles? if i have to download just one filmware for all subtitles ok, but do i have to downlad another filmware for greek subs?

Here you can find all available information about the player and the newest firmware:

And useful customer views here:

Thanks, you help me a lot.
What i don’t yet understand is if the firmware upgrade plays and greek subtitltes. If it plays greek subs on the dvd does it mean that it will play also greek subs on the divx?

Two separate things, your guess is right. DVD subtitles and DivX subtitles. If my memory does not fail me somewhere I read that the new firmware is capable of playing DivX greek subs. But this has to be checked.

thanks again,
i bought tha philips dvp632/02 , it plays everything excellent and it plays without firmware external subs in english and cyrillic fonts, ita doesn’t play grekk fonts. i read that the 0531 version doesn’t support greek. i will try to contact philips to ask them if the 1109 version supports greek. i don’t want to install the firmware if it doesn’t support greek because the dvd player plays excellent without it