Philips unveils the BDP9000 set top Blu-ray writer and media

I just posted the article Philips unveils the BDP9000 set top Blu-ray writer and media.

                                                         In what looks a lot  like a press release, Hardware Zone is reporting some info on yet another Blu-ray device. This time  it is from...
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What is HD-DVD hiding that it can’t give out this much info? I mean we already know 3 products that are going to be coming out for blu-ray yet i havn’t seen a press release for any hd-dvd devices. What do they have to hide? Was everything shown at the last convention pre rendered and not running to spec???

A lot of hot air and no prices yet. I think my bank balance is safe for the moment.

Hmm, also incorporates the lame duck SACD as well, the documentation is very thin and lean on detail, and is subject to the usual prerelease change bumpf! One can hope, that they are avoiding the use of the usual sub standard sony’s very cheap and nasty clunky dac’s! that suffer from assorted ills, and use items that are closer to burr brown industry spec on the motherboard? Oh well, everything is subject to change on the night!:X

What’s PCD?