Philips tries to stop viewers channel surfing during ad-breaks



In the absence of morality, democracy becomes the free 'happy hunting ground" for the depraved, mad, crooked, etc. That’s why these types always shouts" 'Democracy" loudest when their freedom to corrupt others are being threatened.


Here we go. Commercials were on TV from the beginning because the TV stations wanted to make money but they were freely broadcasting so that anyone with a set could watch their shows. It was a revenue stream. Now, we have cable and satellite, and we PAY for that service, therefore, if I’m paying for access to the TV shows, I have a right to not watch the ads because I am not paying for them. Even the old broadcast channels get paid by the cable and satellite companies for carrying their channels, therefore they don’t need to show commercials and are therefore ripping us, the consumer, off. So there’s are argument, the TV stations do not need the revenue stream that ads bring in and since we are paying the cable companies to pay the broadcasters, we have a right to the content to use any way we please, outside of outright piracy. Plain, simple and should be legally air-tight. :wink:


This will never happen, shows will be boycotted and so will movie studios who try to enact this. Plus the lawsuits will end it if it does become a reality.


Interesting story from last night. I was watching the discovery channel. As the programs progressed so did the ad’s. At a point just before I turned it off there was one minute of program followed by several minutes of the same ad’s, over and over. I paid so little attention I can’t even tell what ad’s they were re running. It got to the point where I just shut it off. The good news is that during the night the tooth fairy left the entire set of programs on a DVD in my mail box. Ill re watch the programs today but I highly doubt the will be any commercial interruptions in them. Works for me. Find more ways to force people to avoid this insidious raping. Have a nice day ad makers, hope you did not spend too much making them because it did not cost me a cent to avoid them and I think the tooth fairy will likely leave more programs in the near and far future. Force me to watch something? You might as well be sitting on a hand grenade and pull the pin.


i thought april first had passed ? lol


Thank god for the BBC…and the power switch…


Philips’ new slogan, now they have gotten rid of Let’s make things better" for good. Let’s make everything all f@#ked up!!!:c


Philips’ I sometimes wonder what goes through the minds of some of these companies. What do they expect for all of this? An ever eroding market share and business case. Controls such as these will condemn them the same way things like vista and the new format drives. You can make it, I don’t necessary need to buy it and there will always be ways around it. Take a hint from (I think) Blockster. A very limited supply taking up space on a chance it will fail in the end. You can listen or not. I got to see my programs in all their glory without being interrupted once. People don’t mind the occasional ad but when it reaches 50% they tune out their brains. Hey it’s your money. Tooth fairy is leaving another DVD tonight, I can just feel it .


No, we are in a society controlled by George Bush and the Neocons. FOX News will be calling you a traitor before you know it. Only terrorists skip commercials! Remember, you’re either with them, or you’re with the enemy. Seig heil!


They aren’t chaining you to your chair, so go to the fridge already!


But they want to:)


May not be chaining you to the chair. But if you don’t have a Big Mac and Budwiser after the film we(McDonalds, Budwiser etc…) will be forced to come around to your house and force feed you with our crap food and drink since you have not been brainwashed by our advertisments. How come with all our technology we still have to watch repeats on the same TV channel, within the same week. You are forcing me back to the bookstore to order a good old fashioned novel. Garry :(:(:frowning:


This reminds me of a sketch on Mr. Show called “Coupon: The Movie” which was about a movie made by an ad company to sell the use of a certain coupon. When no one went to see the movie, the company took the issue to the Supreme Court who decided that everyone in America had to watch “Coupon: The Movie” at least once. Instead of having to go to the Supreme Court, real companies just design technology to do the same thing. Then, they pay off representatives in Washington to approve laws saying that cracking the technology is a criminal offense, that can lead to many years of jail time. I hope that other countries are headed down the same path that we are in America. :c


LOL. I just remembered that slogan and said the samething when I read this news.


Seems like the only way to avoid the assault of advertising and commercials is to move to a foreign country where you don’t understand the language and never attempt to learn it.


What if I am watching a show and then I decide to flip the channels. And what if one of the channels that I am flipping through has a commercial break, do i have to wait for the commercials to end before I can continue flipping? :slight_smile:


I think I’ll return that Phillips HDTV I bought at Costco a few months ago.:r


We already have those in the states, they’re now called “undocumented workers”.:wink:


Here’s an email address of someone that works there that you can tear their ear off with your disdain with this crap they’re trying to pull. For Philips: