Philips tries to stop viewers channel surfing during ad-breaks

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                                 Pretty much everyone who frequently watches DVDs has  already experienced what it is like for the DVD player to prohibit the fast  forwarding or skipping of the...
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Why don;t the blighters just cut off our eyelids so we are forced to watch tv 24 hours a day and never sleep. Think of all the forced revenue they would get. Or better yet a device that not only locks the comercials, but locks the fridge door, the bathroom, and your house doors so you are forced to watch the comercials no matter what. talk about a captive audience. No thank you phillips, this kind of tech is something we can do without

Cruel and unusual punishment, how evil!:c

i personally would boycot any ad that i was forced to watch. In fact i would go out of my way to let others know exactly what they are tryin to do. Ads to me are a waste of money, if i need new windows i will buy them, if i need a new suite i will buy one, if i need a bottle of cleaning fluid i will buy one. I DO NOT NEED SOMEONE TO TELL ME I NEED IT NOW.

Well, if nothing else, it should boost sales for DVDRemake. :d

yup this wouldn’t make even more people flog to the internet to download high quality commercial free episodes of tv shows. and about the dvd player thing, when i buy a dvd player i tend to make sure theres a region free hack, i also like to see if theirs a UOP hack, so you can skip past the warnings and stuff on a dvd, i already bought the thing leave me alone and let me watch the movie i paid for. its getting the point where the pirated version of things are going to offer better products then the pay for it version. Download a dvd off the net, those opening commercials are usually removed, and the UOP protection is stripped so you can skip past warnings. TV shows can be downloaded in higher resolution then standard tv with 5.1 sound. These companies have to get a grip, not profit, for the thrill of it encoders who don’t make money off it, are making better goods for consumers then companies trying to turn a dollar.

Boycott anything Philips! This type of garbage is getting rediculous. We might as well all go live in China, the government controls what goes on the internet and TV there.

You could always unplug the tv if you had to.

ladies and gents, we are actually living in a society predicted by George Orwell.

In Canada I haven’t heard much about turning the analog tv frequencies over to the private sector. In news about the US i frequently read how they keep pushing back the date for everyone to go digital. I wonder if there will be some kind of digital backlash. Sure the quality is better, well the picture, but they are trying to put so many restrictions on it, that maybe people will want to keep analog cable. I still use analog cable, I love how I don’t need a box for every tv in the house. Sure I’d like better picture quality, but I use a signal booster, and I only have a 27inch and a 19inch tv, and HDTV’s are so high priced, they’ll be out of my league for a while. All this digital restriction crap, maybe analog won’t die :slight_smile:

I think it’s time that we go to books as being are main entertanment.:wink:

It’s ironic that China also has the highest piracy rate (or almost the highest) in the world.

Yup, let us go out and have some out-door fun. TV and movies are just 2 forms of entertainment.

Look on the bright side, if philips patents this idea, then no one else can/will use it, and you can just avoid buying philips TV’s.

They can’t stop me from taking a piss during the ads. They also can’t stop me from using software downloaded from countries outside their sphere of influence and using it to remove copy protection from DVDs and then edit the commercials out. They can’t stop me from downlodaing episodes of shows using Usenet or P2P that are high quality and commercial free. Finally, they can’t stop me from pulling the cable out of the frakking wall. And they never will be able to.

There is a reason people ff or change channels. I can care less about comericals expically if they are stupid or they play the same ones over and over and over and over and over and over again.

i always get paid for my time always, even with dvd at this moment whenever they prevent me from skipping any trailer or antipiracy messagge i find myself the way to get paid for the abuse of my time just go figure wht im trying to tell without breaking any forum rule:d

woohooo! just imagine that hooligan TV channel operator, locking your set to his likings, lol, not :wink:

Wise swifty7 that’s it…with just a small delay regarding the 1984 target, but we are closer and closer to it…the missing piece will shortly be only the Mind Police! And about you Jaeger, don’t even think as Philips tradition is to use the patents to collect royalties…look at Audio CD jewel boxes. I don’t know about other legislations, but here the Law says that nobody can force you to buy something or to buy it to get another one, thus it would be interesting to see how it would be interpreted: -one side they can argue that you are offered the show because you “buy” the adds, but - on the other, how can it be explained that someone can take your TV set hostage to force you to “buy” the adds? - and, unless they come with a Law that says you are not the owner of the TV and you only pay to use it (as they do with software), how can they prevent you to use your own devices, just because they want to convince you to buy more stuff? Interesting, but be careful…one never knows when this kind of ideas will be considered as outlaw…

When we make fun of, trivialise, express shock or amazement and other niceties when we see immorality, it is akin to placing those who are immoral above us, begging them not to be bad. When we see a paedophile raping, do we opined, 'This person is doing something I don’t think we should allow" or such similar 'social gracing"? We clobber the bastard if it is possible. In these so-called modern days, we have lost our morality and in fact cast it to the category of 'medieval". It is not for morality is not your finger-pointing, hallelujah clap-trap of the so-called religious. It is not being ‘goody-2-shoes" either. Morality is what is benevolent to all and what brings the joy of existence. It is what gives us evolution. It is also immoral to be religious, believe-it-or-not for religion is not for instilling in others [i.e finger-pointing], it is for instilling within ourself. It is being the good example and it does not matter if others are not so. Nor do we need to say so. For morality is also humility and is evolution-in-progress. You don’'t want morality, your body will react. You cannot take pills or pay for expensive surgery if you are heartless and have cardio-vascular problems. You need to 'have-a-heart" first. This does not mean that when we see immorality, we don’t do anything. We must finger-point immorality, not so much to change the immoral, for they have their own evolution/devil/wrong to cater to, we finger-point to tell those who will listen because they are interested in the truth. To do that effectively, we should not be nice about it. Tell it like it is. These money minded twats have more than collecting perpetual money in their agenda. They want to damage people in the process too. Talk about how advertising, with their loud band bangs and flash-a-scene-a-second damages us. Their psycho-crap of trying to make an advertisement linger within our psyches long after the advertisement is gone and how they reinforces/“refreshes” it when the effects of the adverts start to fade. Talk about the immorality and don’t hold back. These are mere thieves and crooks hiding behind 'democracy" for you cannot have democracy without morality. That is like giving voice to the crooked only for life degenerates automatically. It is not only easier to be devolutionary than evolutionary. Degeneration happens automatically whereas re-generation takes effort. Especially moral effort. These so-called 'entrepreneurs", advancement of mankind through technology, etc are mere thieves and cheats masquerading as offering great choices. How would you feel if you are actually given the choice of feaces and cooked food in a restaurant menu with pictures? You would what? That should be your first reaction when you see some crap like this Philips patent attempt. Understand tha morality is not about something old-fashioned. That perception is a reaction through eons of religious clap-trap. Morality is what is really, really beneficial to us. Like oxygen but not too much or else oxidation starts.