Philips to Benq

Hi all, have searched for this but only found dead links ect, i have a Philips dvdr1640p and would like to flash it to the latest Benq firmware to give a try, also instutions on how to flash back from Benq to Philips?



Everything tou need to convert your Philips to a BenQ 1620 Pro is at : The Unofficial Benq firmwarepage

You need to download
The latest Firmware for Benq 1620 (B7T9) cvt and
The Benq/Phlips firmware flasher

Unpack both and put in the same dir, launch WinDWFlash.exe and select the cvt file in the same dir. Start flashing now.

It’s really that easy !! Going back is the same thing, you need the CVT file for the Philips.
BTW : I also bought the same Philips drive and converted it to the Benq 1620 Pro and never bothered to go back !! IMHO, Benq fw is just better !!
(If you’d need to go back, I have all the files needed).

Hi, thanks for the reply, got the two files for Philips to Benq, so u flash in windows then?, also i would very much like the files to convert back from Benq to Philips i will pm u with my email. Thanks and happy xmas!



Bootsy this link will help.