Philips stops developing DVD-recorders



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Philips will stop the development of new DVD-recorders in September, while the current generation of DVD recorders will disappear for consumers after next year. A Dutch financial magazine, Het…

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They probably will not do any more development, simply selling chinese products under their brand.


I borrowed a mates Philips DVD recorder & found it to be a dog of a machine & so did he. He bought a JVC recorder soon after & sold his Philips. I have since bought a Pioneer & a Panasonic DVD recorder. Other people tell me they regret buying their Philips DVD recorders as they find them so difficult to operate. It is not surprising that Philips are pulling out of that part of the market.


I have a Philips DVR-336 DVD Recorder and its never had an issue - solid build quality and too many features to list, and still has G-code so no mucking around with tv to programme the machine. This model only cost $AU399 (non hard-disk model) and its perfect. I wonder why they are doing this when Philips DVR recorders are so economic?


I have a philips DVR and for the most part it’s reliable. It occasionaly locks up and fails to remember timer settings. Now I see they’re phasing out current models. Going the cheap chinese route seems to be the norm these days with large companies. They will pay for it in the end.


Philips made DVD recorders? I love my Philips DVD/DivX player. Plays almost every AVI file I throw at it.