Philips still burning on protection

I just posted the article Philips still burning on protection.

An article on Wired tells us some more about the ongoing struggle of Philips and the record industry. Because the record industry is violating Philips RedBook (Audio CD) standard, the Dutch…

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But the thing is that current copy protections can be bypassed and most likely the ones in the future can be bybassed too. But if Philips and others could wake up the record indrusty to think copy protections as “why bother, It takes a hell lot of money anyway” well, that was just a dream :C

Philips needs to not stop short of protection issue & give us a burner that reads & burns them all!:d

Titan battle, whoei =) Just make that recorder and make them pay, show them that they can’t get away with everything :slight_smile:

Now if only Philips would produce 40X+ SCSI CD-R/RW/DVD burners that could do RAW-DAO 96, correct EFM encoding, overburn, and burnproof! Who would need Plextor and Lite-On? :wink:

Sombody needs to sit down with Mr. Trimarco from Fahrehenheit entertainment and explain that cd protection schemes will be cracked and Charley Pride’s album was a pitiful scheme at trying to protect the contents of that cd. Then there was Natalie Imbruglia’s album “White Lillies Island”, and then there was “More Music from the fast and furious”. If these were superb copy protection schemes the three mentioned above and lots more wouldn’t be so available on the net in its digital form. If these record companie(s)go in with idea that Sunncomm, Midbar and the rest are going to be the messiah and provide a protection scheme and solve the piracy problem then i have an island and a bridge to sell for $7.95 tax included. Every company that has come down the pike with the perfect solution has gone down the tubes in defeat. Take for example the arrogrance of Sunncomm when they first came out with the charley Pride album and the protection scheme if one can call it that. Looks like the arrogrance has been knocked down a notch or two. Phony TOC’s, second sessions just don’t work, too many weapons out there to defeat this kind of garbage. Did somebody mention waterarking cd’s, the bad news is that’s been hacked also. The only solution for record companie(s)is to devise ways so that people are willing to pay for the music at reasonable rates and not have to pay $13.95 for a cd album which has 1 song the customer is interested in and he/she couldn’t care about the other ten. As long as record companie(s) use what they sit on as brains they are throwing money down the drain. The argument "Well we gotta try " holds no water because there isn’t one album with that crap on it has been left intact.

I think the point for me is I buy original CD’s as I want the best quality I can get otherwise I would just download a mp3 so I say stuff your protection

i’m getting a phillips burner then

Iäm not saying I’m not buying original cds. They do offer the best quality, but this copy protection stuff is just so… unnecessary.

I really hate Phillips for NOT selling this kind of hardware. We need it :slight_smile: