Philips SPD7000BPBM does not recognise TDK BD-RE 50GB

[qanda]This thread is about the Philips SPD7000BD internal 2x ReWriter Blu-ray Disc drive. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I’m having a Philips SPD7000 BPBM drive and a TDK BD-RE 50GB disc. Nero CD-DVD speed disc-info does not recognise the disc. No disc inserted message.
Does anybody know what kind of problem I do have?

Does it recognize other blu-ray blanks? If it does, it might be your TDK 50GB is bad.

Yes it does recognize other TDK 25GB blanks. The 50GB disc is a brand new.
I found a thread in another forum saying Philips needs to fix that issue! Hopefully very soon.
Following the SPD7000BPBM specs the drive should support BD-RE 50GB blanks.
Does anybody else experience this problem?

I believe BPBM does not support writing BD-RE DL 50GB, my bad.

This review shows flashing with firmware BPCJ that support write to 50GB RE DL at 1x speed. Try google for “BPCJ”, you will find it. :wink:

I just was in touch with the Philips customer support by phone and e-mail.

By e-mail the answer to my problem was it may happen Medias from several Manufacturers may not work.

By phone the answer was please try another Media.

All that staff was very helpful.
What I learned so far is. Forget about the Philips customer support.