Philips SPD6005BM/00 - Which drive is this?

Hi !

I have a Philips SPD6005BM/00 (detected as SPD6005T in Windows device manager).
The problem is that there are not any firmware updates from Philips since Version 1.0.
I doubt that Philips manufactured the drive themselves and think it could be a relabeled Lite-On or NEC. Therefore I would like to know what drive this really is. Maybe it can be crossflahed.

Please advise.

It’s either a Lite-On LH-20A1H or a Samsung SH-S202N. Not sure which. If you post clear photos, we can get a better idea.

Here we go !

Pictures of the drive.
Please help in identifying.

It behaves quite differently than my Sammy 202N so I cant imagine it´s a Samsung …

That’s a BenQ/LiteOn drive case design, so it must be a LiteOn…I think. I may be going crazy. Let me check.

EDIT: On second thought, it looks like a Samsung? Especially by the way the label is laid out; it clearly reminds me of a Samsung. And the indentions on the bottom of the drive scream Samsung.

EDIT 2: It looks like a hybrid BenQ/Samsung drive case design. The bottom and the label are all Samsung, the top ducts sorta favor BenQ, but some other indentions on the top look like Samsung.

The drive is made in Indonesia, from where Samsung drives come. I do not think that any LiteOn drives come from there.

I’d still say it’s a Samsung.

EDIT 3: I notice the new 22x Samsung has a case design like this, so it is a Samsung.

The emergency eject hole and eject button are in the same place as a Samsung, but the LED appears to be in the position of a normal LiteOn. It seems there was some customization for this drive.

Can you try to burn a DVD with the drive using CD-DVD Speed, and show us how the write graph looks?

Albert, you were right.
On the back of the drive it says (in very small letters): TS-H652N 20x
So it´s a Samsung SH-S202N , isn´t it ?

[QUOTE=El_Coyote;2148010]Albert, you were right.
On the back of the drive it says (in very small letters): TS-H652N 20x
So it´s a Samsung SH-S202N , isn´t it ?[/QUOTE]

Sounds right. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=El_Coyote;2148010]Albert, you were right.
On the back of the drive it says (in very small letters): TS-H652N 20x
So it´s a Samsung SH-S202N , isn´t it ?[/QUOTE]

Albert?! What about me? :a

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Yes, the TS-H652N = SH-S202N. :iagree:

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Thanks, negritude, for helping El_Coyote and teaching me that Philips used Samsung drives in the first place. :slight_smile: :bigsmile:
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Same for me, i am very interested to crossflashing, to another DVDR device, Philips can not update this device…:o



the drive can be crossflashed to either Samsung TS-H652N or SH-S202N firmware (the 652s are OEM drives).
For further information, just check my signature :wink:

Please note: Since there is no Philips firmware available (at the moment), you can’t go back.


Succesfully crossflashed mate! many thanks, now i have a Samsung S202N DVD WRITER firmware rev. SB02

many many thanks, and bye:bow::bow:

You’re Welcome :slight_smile:


i am absolutely sorry !
many thanks to you too !

Best regards.

Beg your pardon please: I have the same Philips drive, with still no firmware update from Philips, so I’m willing to crossflah it to a Samsung SH-S202N. Now, maybe I’m a bit dull but I don’t succeed in understanding the way to do this. Yes, I read the link in signature, I downloaded the SB02 firmware and sfdnwin etc, but only thing i can do is, well, nothing. May I have a simplified explanation about the procedure?
Thank you.


well, crossflashing a drive to another firmware is always risky, and it will void your warranty anyway.
Because of these risks, I consider the crossflashing process as “for (experienced) users who know what they are doing”, and I don’t want to be responsible for a mountain of dead drives that were killed by a bad crossflash.

I’d suggest to search our Samsung burners forum - there are some threads about crossflashing. Since the method is the same for all newer Samsung drives, threads about a different model are also applicable.

Also, the Philips firmware is often better - I have crossflashed my retail SH-S182D to Philips firmware because of a bug in Samsung retail firmware they never managed to fix (unlike Philips).


No problem Michael, it’s not the first time I do something similar and the risk is controlled, the drive is not so expensive. Anyway: job done; the issue was in the command line.
The Philips fw is probably better but the no-update option made me resolve in doing it; plus the fact I can’t resist in hacking my drives when possible. Anyway the drive is healthy, unless till now. Well let’s see.
Thanks anyway.

Hi I have the same drive. Is there anything I should be selecting in the list that loaded from my patched firware in MCSE ? What I mean is it shows loads of stuff in a list, do I need to select anything in particular or do I leave everything unselected and just save ? help lol

purposely BUMPED :slight_smile:

Upload a screenshot of just what list to which you’re referring, please. :slight_smile:

Sure :slight_smile: