Philips SPD6005BD: a good choice?

I am about to replace an old Liteon with a new one, so I looked in the local shops and I found Samsungs, LGs and a Philips SPD6005BD.
The LGs are never used to scan, at least in this forum, while I need to scan dvds for archival purposes, so I exclude them.
Samsungs seem … cheap, moreover a friend of mine experienced problems and noise with a unit, so I think the Philips could be a good choice.
Moreover, this Philips burns +R DL at 16x and has Lightscribe, none of the others can.

I would like a confirmation from the experts of this forum, however.

What do you think of it?
Link, Italian because the unit does not appear in the US website:

Similar product:

The only differences are DVD+R DL speed, 16x vs 8x, and DVD-R DL, 12x vs 8x. The fastest is always the model in the Italian website. I think it could be a LiteOn rebadged, but I’m not sure.

Thank you in advance for every suggestion.

Any thought?

Thank you.

Looking at specifications for sure this is a MediaTek chipset drive. :slight_smile:
(All the latest Philips burner have.)

Sooner or later scanning support will be there.
Buy the drive.

Thank you for the details about the chipset.

Philips has used Samsung OEM drives as well. Maybe it’s a SH-S202N clone (which is also MediaTek, like Lite-On).

I started a thread for scans from the drive.

The quality seems very good.