Philips SPD6005B : what is the corresponding LiteOn unit?



[qanda]This thread is about the Philips SPD6005. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]

Hello !

Sorry if i may post a stupid or silly question.

Or just something that has already been asked/answered.

A friend of mine is experiencing some problems on his brand new Philips DVD writer. The unit is the one described below

He’s experencing very poor burns even at very low speed using TYG03 supports : enclosed is a 4x scan of a 4x burn made with this unit, disk is a 16x Verbatim DVD-R.

I hope it is a firmware related problem, else he has found a bad unit.

Since I know that LiteON and Philips were in joint venture since last year, and this unit seems to me just another 20AxH unit (perhaps a 20A3), i wonder to know from the wise :wink: :smiley: and the VERY big experts her around :bow: if it is possible to crossflash this unit with one of the powerful and fully optimized firm created by Codeking the great ;).

Best wishes to all




It should be a LiteOn 20A1H.


And don’t write that slow…the media is made for 16x writing, not 4x writing.

Also, just as a note, Verbatim has some of the less appealing 16x TY media under its brand, so you might be better with the made in Taiwan/India stuff if you want better scans. :slight_smile:


Really thanks to all ;-), I have a real 20A1H and don’t have such these bad burns even at 18-20x …

I know the TYG03 has to be written at least at 8x, I usually burn them at 12x to get the get the lowest PO, but my friend is not able to burn these support at 8x without having an unreadable disk.

Even the disk burn at 4x is not perfectly readable in all the players.

Now I’ll tell him to crossflash with latest codeking’s EOHT firmware ;), then I’ll tell you all if we have a defective unit or if it is only a problem of bad firmware.

Again, thanks to all of you ;).