Philips SPD6000

Should be a BenQ DW1655, right?
Anyone has crossflashed it successfully? SB and WOPC work?

Thanks a lot.


Not too many hints here either:

Have a look at this page

and this one

According to this thread: the Philips SPD6000 is recognized by Nero as Philips DVDR 1668L1. The Philips DVDR1668 is a rebadge BenQ DW1655, so I would assume the SPD6000 is a DW1655.

According to Jan70, the SPD6000/DVDR1668L1 is a Bulk/OEM drive and the DVDR1668P1 is a retail version.

I have had a Philips SPD6000 for a couple of days but returned it because the results of my burns (on top media) were horrible. It was not supported by QSuite 2.1 and I did not want to wait for someone to figure out how to crossflash it to BenQ. So I decided to buy a BenQ 1655 in stead. Luckily, I had that option. :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll be happy with your new drive Xterminator. :slight_smile:

As already pointed out by BARcode and confirmed by zevia, it has been a long known fact Philips 6000/1668 drives are rebadged DW1655.
I can’t see any problem why this drive couldn’t be crossflashed with BQFlasher.

BTW, you don’t need QSuite to activate/disable SolidBurn and OverSpeed functions on a Philips. Just use Nero CD-DVD Speed, Nero or ImgBurn.
WOPC can be disabled with Quikee’s WOPC tool. :smiley:

Thanks pinto2, my 1655 is a great drive. :slight_smile:

My problem with crossflashing the Philips was that I could only find theoretical information about it being a rebadged DW1655 and no report of anyone having done the cross flash successfully. I could not see the settings you mention in any of those utility’s (also, Philips did not mention any of them in their documentation). Anyway, my drive was probably broken in the first place.
(You know how you can sometimes feel uncomfortable about a device or machine… it just felt like a lemon to me.)

I can’t get my hands on a genuine BenQ DW1655 over here unfortunately, so that’s my only option.
Gonna try crossflashing it next week.

Just one more question please: I’m familiar with both ImgBurn (I’m actually supporting it donating, much as I did with DVD Decrypter) and Nero CD/DVD Speed, so SB and OS won’t be a prob, but why would I want to disable WOPC?
Couldn’t find any solid evidence it actully hurts quality in these forums, and with my 1640 it actually always improves it, don’t mind the little time waste.

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Disabling WOPC? Hmmm, some do it for speed, some just for fun and most of us for better quality.

You have been a member here for quite a while, but apparently you missed all our fun in “Dare, fastest”-threads and Burn Quality Hall of Fame.
On high quality media disabling WOPC can end in superb burns, like linked one by [I]jamescooley1[/I].

But then, not all of us are that lucky… :bigsmile:

Well, they have some very good ones w/ WOPC enabled too, no?
Care to enlighten me as to why disabling it would improve quality please?

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It’s a quite strange,
we can read everywhere that this drive is a BenQ DW-1655 rebadged but does anyone really succeed in this crossflashing ?

One administrator of our website bought in France a Philips SPD6000-L1 and opened it to check the chipset :

As you can see, it’s a Mediatek one (used by Lite-On). Using LTNFlash and dumping out the EEPROM, that’s what we could see :

So… what do you think of that ? Sony…

After a little time the Philips drive was crossflashed into a Lite-On one, the [B]SHW-16H5S[/B] with a codeguy.rpc1 firmware :

For the moment the drive behaves normally. All the features have not been tested yet. LightScribe works fine, reading and burning seem to work fine too but more tests will be done tomorrow.


I doubt that.

So… what do you think of that ? Sony…
Liteon. As you found out later.

I think, the members here were getting confused by the numbering scheme, Philips used:
SPD 6000L1/DVDR1668[B]L[/B]1 - Product information does not mention Solidburn. So this drive is not a Benq/Philips drive.
DVDR1660P1/DVDR1668[B]P[/B]1 - These drives have the solidburn feature and are brothers of Benq 1655.

It seems, that all drives with “L1” at the end of the name are Liteon-rebadges. And “P1” stands for Philips/Benq.


Thanks Slywall_GN for detailed information. :slight_smile: It must be the first time we actually see (SPD6000) drives firmware information.

And Philips also contributed to this confusion. Just take a look at picture in this SPD6000 leaflet, (I’m also attaching pic for those not having Acrobat Reader).
It clearly shows a Philips/BenQ drive.

[I]Note[/I], attached pic curtesy of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.


Flashed with Lite-On official fimware LSW0, after some reading and burning tests, everything with le SDP6000L1@SHW-16H5S seems ok. This writer is a two sheep one (sheep test). LightScribe is working well. Kprobe supported. Somes Quality scans (realised with this drive and a BenQ 1650) will be soon availabe in this post in our forum (french forum).


I crossflashed my philips spd6000 after a reply to my earlier post…it works now as a Liteon SHW - 16h5s