Philips SPD3500CC

Hi i recently bought one of these from argos.
I bought this drive because i had no space in my pc,plus its easier to just plug it in and leave it.
I have various dvd drives and have followed this forum and others for many years.
I was hoping for someone to maybe shed some light as to waht the actual drive inside is and what they are like.:confused:

With Philips rebadging history, this is most probably a Lite-On drive inside. :wink:

First, try and check if you can backup eeprom with C0deKings utilities, linky.

many thanks for that pinto2!
Yes i have tried backing up the eeprom and it successfully did it.
What would you do now try crossflashing it?
To what model would i back it up too!
The drive also supports lightscribe.
Would this help you in trying to assist me with what model it might be!
I have a liteon 20A1S internal burner,this drives tray does look similar.
he drive is however in a philips external usb case thats how it came.
I have popped the top off the case but there doesnt seem to be a label on the drive,well not in the normal place anyway(topside)

Hi i have just took the drive out and on the underside there is a sticker saying this is an LH 18A1H.
Are these drives any good?
and coyuld someone assist me in possibily flashing this drive to a true Liteon LH 18A1H,as the firmware updates are few and far between on the philips website!