Philips SPD3500CC Bitsetting/booktyping


I just bought The Philips SPD3500CC dual layer dvd writer and try to change the booktype from DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM ('cause the DVD navigation system in my Nissan expects this format). As far as I know, this external Philips DVD writer is a rebadged LiteOn. So I created a ISO image from the original DVD and try to burn it using ImgBurn. When trying to change the bookmark (using the LiteOn tab), I can only get access to the ‘new setting’ field by chosing the ‘Change for’ field = current media (For dvd+rw media). When I choose DVD-ROM in the new setting field, I get the error: Failed. Reason: Invalid field in CDB. When I choose the ‘Change for’ Field = Drive (For DVD+R DL Media) I obtain as current setting Unkown (Failed) and dont have access to the New Setting field…

Somebody has a solution?

For Info: The discs used are TDK DVD+R Double layer but i get nevertheless this information from ImgBurn:
Physical Format Information (ADIP):
Disc ID: RICOHJPN-D01-67
Book Type: DVD+R DL