Philips SPD3400CC - which LiteON model is it?

Hi everyone!

I’ve just got a cheap Philips SPD3400CC/05 external USB DVD-RAM writer.

Based on its specs taken from Philips it looks like it might be a LH-18A1P:

External Drive SPD3400CC - DVD 18x ReWriter

Writing Speed
•CD-R: 48x (7200KB/sec) by CAV
•DVD+R: 18x (21600KB/sec) maximum by CAV
•DVD+R DL: 8x (5400KB/sec) by Z-CLV
•DVD-R: 18x (21600KB/sec) maximum by CAV
•DVD-R DL: 8x (5400KB/sec) maximum by CLV
•DVD-RAM: 12x (6750KB/sec) maximum by PCAV

Rewriting Speed
•CD-RW: 24x (3600KB/sec) by ZCAV
•DVD+RW: 8x (10800KB/sec) by ZCLV
•DVD-RW: 6x (8100KB/sec) by CAV

Reading Speed
•Access time: 160ms
•Buffer size: 2MB
•CD-R: 48X (7200KB/sec) by CAV
•DVD ROM: 16X (21600KB/sec) by CAV

Can anyone definitely confirm that this is indeed a LH-18A1P?
Can it be crossflashed via USB or do I need to take it out from the enclosure and put it in a desktop?

Mistery solved! I’ve opened the enclosure and I can confirm now that the drive inside is a [B]DH-18A1P[/B]!

There’s no label on top of the drive which is a bit unusual, but fortunately there’s a small Liteon label half the size of a normal one at the bottom of the drive which says DH-18A1P :slight_smile:
There’s no manufacturing date or “made in” mention anywhere on the label, and the LiteON name is not even mentioned. The only extra useful piece of info on that label is: PLD-DH-20A1H(B) :wink: No lightscribe hardware unfortunately, so its a true “P” model … ah well, we can’t have everything! :bigsmile: