PHILIPS SPD3300L booktype DL

Hi all,

could you help me about drive PHILIPS SPD3300L?

I found this here:

and i’ve flashed the drive with 165H6S.HS0E.stock.exe, it’s ok…

but i need to change booktype to DVD-ROM from DVD+R DL; this is not enabled in Nero tool or booktype tool…

from the original firmware philips is not possible to change booktype, now with 165H6S it’s possible, but no for DL.

can you help me?

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I think DVD-ROM BookType is already the default for DVD+R DL media on LiteOn drives, so I don’t think it’s necessary to change it. EDIT: Actually I don’t think it can change to anything else than DVD-ROM.

BookType for DVD+R media is not DVD-ROM by default, so you might want to change that.

I suggest getting the free ImgBurn or CDSpeed and using the bitsetting tools in either of those, which are easier to use than the official LiteOn SmartBurn utility IMO.

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