Philips SPD2414BD and SPD2415BD = Lite-On DH-20A?

OK, so it’s already known that the Philips SPD2413BD is a rebadged Lite-On LH-20A1P. I know, because I owned one myself.

Now, Philips has two other Lite-On based IDE models, the Philips SPD2414BD and the SPD2415BD. Both are 20x drives.

Any guesses as to what they are rebadges of? Could one be a 20A3 rebadge and the other a 20A4 rebadge?

Or maybe I’m wrong and one isn’t a Lite-On rebadge at all. Anyone know for sure?

The 2414 is a Samsung while the 2415 is a LiteOn 20A4P (latter confirmed by CK before through a checksum check of the firmware).