Philips SPD2413p failure in XP x64

When I replaced Vista x64 with XP x64 (surprise!) the Philips SPD2413p refused to write data to CDs or DVD. System kept requesting blank media.

Solution (after a day of tinkering around with another piece of crap HP DVD940i) I finally backed up the Philips EEPROM (great tool!), then flashed the unit with COdeKing’s software, 20A1P.KL0M.patched-fb.exe. Whamo… the unit works great!

Thanks to the dedicated people on this site I (a newbie) was able to solve a complicated problem.

Wish the OEMs (well, I guess that would be Lite-On) could be so helpful.

Thank guys,


Hello! I’m having the same problem you had. Could you tell me which is CodeKing’s software and Where I can donwload 20A1P.KL0M.patched-fb.exe?
Thank you :slight_smile:

@ JuanTeDDi,

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Suggest learning to use the Forum’s magic Search button and for the topic ‘20A1P.KL0M’ which will reveal the below information ->


Hey Thank you!, I really used the search but I didn’t know how to searh for it…
I could flash with 20A1P.KL0M.patched-fb but my problem still remains, I’m on vista x64.
When I put a DVD into the DVD Rom, It does an extrange sound and it doesn’t read it.
I don’t know what to do :sad:

Could someone give me the gp04.bin? all the links I found in the forum are broken



Doesn’t seem like it is available here.