Philips SPD2410L1 Burning Issue - Only with CR-R

Hello all,

I have what I think is a wierd problem, and now I am coming to the gurus for help.

I have had the SPD2410L1 for about 6 months now, and have burned a variety of CD (-) and DVD (+/-) (SL/DL) with no problems.

In the last 2 weeks, any DVD-R that I burn dies with an “Illegal Disc” error after burning for about 10 minutes. This is at ANY speed (2,6, etc) with at least 3 different types of media (Verbatim, CompUsa, Memorex), and different source files (ripped movies, data files, etc) but only on DVD-R.

I can burn the same source onto a DVD+R with no problem, even a DL version.

The firmware is at the latest (according to Intelligent Agent 2.0) and as far as I can tell, nothing else has changed with the system. It is not a shared system, and only I use it, but hey, who knows.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


ps. I’ve included a text version of the error log just in case someone can see something I cannot.

Welcome to CD Freaks.

3 problems that I can see.

  1. DMA is not enabled on your burner - see this thread on how to resolve it.

  2. Princo media :Z

  3. Burning at 2x is not a good idea as it’s far , far to slow.