Philips SPD2410BD? :|



Hi guys, long time no write,

I’m looking for a drive to replace my fubar’d 1620 (RIP :bow: ) and I’ve stumbled across these SPD2410DB at €36 around here… anyone know what these might be? I would bet on a rebadged Litey, but which one?, is it crossflashable?, does it make coffee and scans? :confused:

I’ve tried searching before posting, but didn’t get anywhere… :frowning:

Thanks for your help.


Haha, what are the odds, i actually just ordered one of these from newegg yesterday. I searched these forums and there isnt much info on them but what i did find out is that these philips are actually a lite-on 165p6s! And those who did buy these were able to crossflash them with the lite-on firmware. My drive should be here on monday and i’m going to attempt to crossflash it then.


The odds are even weirder because I just replied to your other thread, so let’s close this one before the mods kick us out of here! :o I guess this could be locked now, please? :wink: