Philips spd2410bd writer

Hi, has anyone seen any reviews of this Philips SPD2410BD dvd writer? Does Philips dvd burner have a good history of being a reliable good performer? This will be my first dvd burner. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You might want to take a look at this thread: What’s a SPD2410BD?

It can be a clone of BenQ DW1650 or LiteOn SHM-165P6S. Both are great drives in my opinion.

So if this a rebadged Benq or Lite-On burners, should it also have the capability to do quality scan,etc like the Benq or Lite-On at the same speed? I’ve read reviews of older Philips burner and they said it is very slow in performing these tasks.

I bought one today. It is definetly a Liteon 165P6S. I flashed to the patched Liteon firmware. Success! Also, disabled region code and RPC to 1. Scans will follow!

Philips SPD2410BD writer crossflash to patched Liteon 165P6S firmware. Verbatim brand burned at 16x.

Flashed back to stock firmware. Verbatim burned at 16x. A little less quality as with the patched Liteon firmware.

Thanks pfloyd1 for letting us know this. :clap:

Look like Philips is faithful to its “SPD2400” numbering tradition.

here is my scan using Verbatim dvd+r burn at 16x

What do i do to raise my read? Its at 2.2x. Its a new Phillips, noob to this whole thing, but fast learner. This Liteon Patch you speak of… what is it (is it for use with the Phillips?) and can u give me 3 step instruction? Thanks.

You get the fastest learning curve by reading the FAQ. Your problem is handled in point II.3.

where would i go about getting the patched firmware codeguys doesnt have it

I bought one of these in Jan 07, mine is a model SPD2410BD/17, and it’s a piece of junk. It can’t read a DVD that was burned on it self, or play on some DVD Players. Have tried to call Philips to get it replaced or my money back. All I get is try a number that is NOT a toll free number and listen to pipe music and wait. I gave up is it’s costing me to get help for their product.

Good morning guys,

I flashed my philips with Liteon fw but i forgot i’ve got Nero just for Philips drive.
I can not install any cr@ck@d version of nero because it is a public pc.

Can I flash it back to a philips drive?

Can somebody post me a link where i can find the best philips fw for this drive?

thanks a lot!!!