PHILIPS SPD2400L1 Drive?

Hi i have 2 Philips SPD2400L1 DVDRW Double Layer and i dont find any information on the web about this drive. :sad:
Someone can help me???
Were i find such information or firmware upgrades…???

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Looks like Philips is using this labeling in Portugal, but than maybe this is your origin also. :wink:
Check this site and this review by Jan70.

Thanks for the anwser PINTO2 but my drive is the internal one so no firmware again :confused:

By the way is a crossflash valid for the drive???

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What is the current firmware?

You can see this in Nero CD-DVD Speed. VSO Inspector will also tell you about drives capabilities. :wink:

Thanks again PINTO2 for the help, The firmware is: Y5H2

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By that information it looks like a Lite-On. Can you check if drive LED and emergency eject hole are in same postion as in this picture?

Please also post a pic. of VSO Inspector output. Use the camera button on top of app, save the pic.
Than attach it to your next post as described. :slight_smile: