Philips SPD2400L1 burns very slow

I have Philips SPD2400L1 dvd burner on a dualcore pentium processor and 1 gb ram system. It burns sooooo slow. I burn ~4gb of data in 1 hour. I also have an asus burner on another system and it is really good.

I used Philips, Maxell and some other branded media. It didn’t prove much.

I searched for drivers, install the autoupdater sw at Philips website. It didn’t help.

As I read through the forum, I see posts saying spd2400 is actually a Lite-On burner. I’m really confused. Can you help?

Thank You

You need to ensure that DMA is enabled & is Ultra DMA mode 4. Try this link .

Yes the SPD2400 is a rebadged Liteon 1635S which many have cross flashed back to the Liteon with very good result. There’s loads of testing currently going on here for the 1635S and some good new official firmware releases available.

Thanks for the reply.

How can I flash my firmware back to Lite-On 1635S? Is it better for me to use my urner as Lite-On?


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Flashing your drive with Lite-On* firmware won’t solve your problem. Quite the opposite; this action might in the end result in voided warranty if your drive proves defective.
(Note, your drive is already on “Lite-On” firmware, because this drive is made by Lite-On, only that the firmware is “named” different.)

-[I]First[/I], please make sure your drive runs in proper UDMA mode, as already pointed out in [I]TimC’s[/I] reply above. Check in device manager.
-[I]Second[/I], make sure you have installed latest chipset/IDE drivers for your mobo.
-[I]Third[/I], tell us more about your mobo, (CPU-Z will tell you all details).

Also, provide information about other drive hooked up on same IDE channel (if any) and detailed information about current media used. :wink:

I used CPU-z. it is quite handy.
My mobo is Intel D945GNT DDR2 SATA LAN PCI-E with Pentium Dualcore 2.80 processor. I have 2GB of DDR2 rams. I checked inside the case. I have a burner and a dvd rom both on same IDE cable, burner is master, dvd rom is slave. Harddisk has a SATA cable.

Then I checked the device manager and see transfer mode is “DMA if available”

And the burner is very slow :slight_smile:

This is only the setting. What is the current transfer mode? See also