Philips SPD2400 under £20 at SVP

Just though some of you might like to know that are selling the Philips SPD2400 at £19.99 which is very cheap (i’m assuming its a Philips SPD2400 as thats what it was advertised as before the price dropped).

Hm, the black drive in the leaflet looks like a Lite-On while the beige drive looks like a BenQ. Both product specs say 24x CD-RW by ZCLV though which matches only Lite-On’s specs…

I think the black is a Lite-On and the Beige is a BenQ 1650 maybe?

Hi :wink:
If the reference SPD2400 is correct then this is a Philips oem bulk drive biege(BenQ equivilant 1640?) See here.
The black would appear to be of different origin (maybe Lite-On). See here.
But it’s possible they’re the same & that the biege just has similar casing to BenQ. Certainly spec implies the they’re identical. Plus no mention of SB etc.

So, is the conclusion that this Philips drive on sale is Benq1640 for sure and can this subsequently be cross flashed into a Benq1640.

I’m not sure. It seems like only the beige drive is the BenQ though.

Hi :slight_smile:
It’s difficult to say whether the biege drive is a BenQ. I think it ulikely as the black definately isn’t going by illustration. Of course this may not be accurate. On the surface it looks like two different drives with the same model #. The spec is identical for both. Neither of which would imply BenQ 1640 etc.

Someone needs to buy the beige one to see if it’s a Benq :bigsmile:

I asked someone who works there and they said they’re both LiteOn’s. He couldn’t tell me which model just yet.

For £20, a benq1640 wouldve been great value.

i think it’s a liteon 1635s…

I wouldn’t get another 1640 but for that price i could be tempted to get the 1635… Or one of each, heh hmmm :wink:

The pics have been updated, the beige drive is now the same as the black

Got my beige one today.

It looks like it’s a Liteon as it’s shorter than my Benq 1620. And it’s got a MediaTech chipset (MT1888E). Videohelp suggests it’s a 1635.

It supports Disc Quality scanning but not bitsetting (not even for +R DL media). Overspeed burning looks limited, TY T02 at 8x max against 12x for my LG4163B & 16X for the Benq.

No firmware updates available.

Not looking like a brilliant buy at the moment.

Maybe someone will come up with a cross flash to 1635 which would be oK.

OK so I’m a liar.

This drive automatically book types DVD+R to DVD-ROM, so that’s fine.

Done a burn on TY T02 & it’s quite good. Not a full disk though.

Got mine today =)

do we have any idea what drive they are yet ?? if you want me to post any details then i will


Hi All,
Got my beige one a couple of days ago, only just got round to burning someting with it, when I’ve run it through Nero Cd Speed, it has announced;
recorded with Sony DW-Q30A Y5H3, so I think it’s definitely a LiteOn 1635s.

With any luck, here’s the scan

Not really sure why it’s not showing jitter, firmware perhaps ?

Sorry if the image isn’t quite right, first scan posted (my other drives a ND-3500A :slight_smile: )

OK, I’ve Cross-flashed to Lite-on 1635s YS0W, Re-burnt the same image on the same media and scanned it.
Still no jitter though - anybody got any ideas on this ?

hmm bargain then, certainly not a 1640 but pretty good :slight_smile: