Philips SPD 6000 Not Burning

Hello there,

I have a Philips SPD-6000 Lightscribe dvd-writer, and I have been having all types of problems with the dvd-writers so far.

I have bought, and sold two ASUS (1608P) before I bought this one. They all have the same problem. The ASUS drivers were tested right before my eyes, and did not have any problems when they were checked under warranty.

Philips does not burn CDS or DVDs at all, the burning process starts, and the system either freeze until I hard reset or the process fails at around 4%.

I have changed the IDE cables, checked the master slave settings ( I also have an Asus CD recorder which seems to work just fine)i and have even bought a 500W thermaltake power supply for my fairly old system. Still the problem persists, and I do not know what to do…

Thanks for any help, I really appreciate it…

BY the way I have tried every type of media I could get my hands on, from cheap ones to top quality ones supporting different speeds/formats

I doubt that all that drives have the same problem nor that they are the problem.
It seems to me that your other hardware is causing the problem here.

Just test the burner in another computer.

I just came accross something when browsing the forums. My optical storage devices in the computer I am having writing problems with are seen as SCSI devices. However, they are not SCSI, but only ide. I think the problem could also be from this. Is there a way to fix this?


this depends on your hardware and the drivers you are using for them. Uninstall the IDE drivers and let Windows install its standard drivers.


Make sure that DMA is enabled for your DVD writer and hard-drive. If you are running Windows, try to do a test burn with the Create Disc function in CD-DVD Speed.

Nope, either they are not correctly recognized or you just see the way the OS handles them - by using SCSI commands to communicate.

:disagree: Any drive that is connected to a PCI IDE controller which is not run by ATAPI.SYS but by drivers from the manufacturer is recognized as SCSI device. This may also be valid for some IDE controllers that are integrated into the chipset, if manufacturer drivers are installed.


@Squall79, whats the brand and modell of your computer/motherboard?

Welcome to cdfreaks forum btw. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your comments. Thnkx also pinto2 for your welcome :), Great forum. Well you are right I should have provided this information in the firstplace. I am writing my system specs below.

Also something interesting happened. I took the dvd writer to a friend’s place, and managed to write several dvds there with no problem. His computer recognized the writer as an ide device with only the brand and code of the writer (Philips DVDR1668L1) in the device manager. When I came home, I decided to remove my other writer (an ASUS cd writer), and connect only the dvd writer. Windows than recognized the drive just as my friends system did, and the IDE ATAPI drive did not show NVIDIA IDE CONTROLLER DRIVER , but NVIDIA ATA CONTROLLER DRIVER.

I wrote three DVDS, with no problems after this. Now, my slave CD writer is gone. Maybe I can do something about it but I am tired of wasting quality dvds :). The only weird thing about the writer now is when I insert a DVD movie, game, vs. It just does not show the type of media that is in the drive. The icon keeps showing DVD-RW drive.

CPU: AMD Barton 2500+ @ 1.84 GHZ

GPU: Leadtek Nvidia Gforce 5900 XT

RAM: 2 * 512 MB Kingston 400 MHZ DDR 3200 CL3

HARD drive. Samsung 80gb 7200 rpm 8mb cache

slave drive: Asus CDRW (it also has occasional cd writing problems though not as serius as the other one)

M/B: EPOX rda3i nforce 2 chipset

IDE controller: NVIDIA nforce 2 IDE controller v2.6

nVidia nForce-2 IDE drivers are known to have problems with optical drives and that can be the culprit here. :wink:
Uninstall current IDE drivers (in device manager) and try with Windows (XP) befault ones. You can get a “schematic” guide here.
Note once again, you only want to remove IDE drivers.