Philips shows SSFO disc - Four gigabyte tiny optical disc!

I just posted the article Philips shows SSFO disc - Four gigabyte tiny optical disc!.

Both Mr. Belvedere and jsl used our newssubmit to tell us about the SSFO disc, which is short for Small Form Factor Optical. This new optical disc will be a three-centimetre disc that can store…

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ohhhhhh yeah!!! can’t wait. I just hope that there will be a set standard that is easier to grasp than the current DVD-RAm/+RW/-RW/-R/+R disc format wars… :stuck_out_tongue:

Who gives a toss! I am so bloody fed up of companies thinking i need a new format every 6 months

I want my 1TB solid state memory chip NOW! :slight_smile:

what I’m looking forward to is the holographic interactive movie stored on a biological chip that’s smaller than the point of a pin. (And I just might see it in my life time!:slight_smile:

some people have more money than brains.

What is up with the DVD wars. How hard is it to write a standard that lets you record movies to a DVD that would play in a DVD player, and would also allow you to store data just like you would a CD. How hard could that be to figure out. Then take whichever one is most stable and wastes the least space on the blank DVD media. Use that one. I mean DVD players must already have some sort of format. And data CD-ROMS already have a format. Is it really that hard to build a drive that write in both formats?

And this optical disc worries me. I doubt the battery on a lot of phones would last for 48 hours so obviously a lot of people would just be using their phone as some sort of storage device. I mean my cell phone is great and all but I don’t really see the need for it to store 10 hours of movies and I don’t have 25,000 photographs.