Philips shows PC drive capable of reading and writing CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs



I just posted the article Philips shows PC drive capable of reading and writing CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs.

Philips Electronics, a world leader in optical storage and a founding member
of the Blu-ray Disc Association, will be revealing its prototype all-in-one PC
writer that reads and writes CD,…

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Very nice


When can I buy one?


When can I buy a blank blue-ray disk?:g


This is great news. I like Blu-Ray and totally prefer it. Still, I truly hope that both formats survive. Consumers will benefit from this war a lot. Firstly, we’ll get the devices in our hands lot faster as they try to beat each other by entering the market first. Secondly, price of media will decline lot faster as it always does in competition.


you would think blue ray would at least win over PC users because of its larger capacity, not to mention you could put more dvd content on one? I mean we already have to watch the extended lotr cuts on multiple dvds, why would anyone want to use a format with less capacity. as great as competition can be, I don’t understand why anyone would back an inferior product? this drive looks cool though, maybe single layer blue ray will be better alternative for backing up dvd’s, then dual layer dvd.


cool!!! Next thing is hopefully some clever company creating a blu-ray/hd-dvd/dvd/cd drive, i’d buy it, i have some life savings left!


“I don’t understand why anyone would back an inferior product?” Price, availability… But, we have to wait and see how things heat up with these two.


I’ll get excited when I learn more about how it performs, how much it costs, durability and usability of Bluray RW media and what protection measures are implemented (if any) on user-created discs. I suspect we’ll be waiting years for an affordable model. Until then…


At least this is a good trend, they seem to be able to make all optical drives backward compatible. It doesn’t make your video collections obscelete, or if you want to dig out an old video cd it’ll work. I like the trend, rather then having to hold onto old drives for an eternity just in case you need to read a cd or dvd.