Philips shipping 1660 as warranty replacement in Europe



I’ve just got a warranty replacement for my failing Philips 1640 after several weeks of frustration with Philips return system. They shipped me a 1660 (rebadged Benq 1650).

The ironic thing is while I was waiting and getting frustrated, I bought a Benq 1650 OEM a few weeks back, so now I have two. If only I had more IDE controllers!


Good for you, Gaius Baltar! :wink:

As far as I know, the Philips DVDR1660 does not supports all QSuite settings (WOPC, QScan, and Test Write) but the write quality is very good to excellent.


get a 20€ PCI IDE card and be happy!!!


I’ll wait till I do my “big upgrade” later this year, and then I’ll have an excuse for a bigger hard drive - I’ll go SATA on my second hard drive to free up an IDE position and then I can have an excess of optical drives.

I could just replace my Pioneer DVD reader with the Philips 1660, but that slot-loading mechanism is just so convenient.

Anyone know if you can crossflash the Phillips 1660 to a Benq 1550 and get all the QSuite options back?