Philips Settles CD-R Suit



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Philips Settles CD-R Suit

If your Philips CDD2600 or CDD2000 CD-R drive had problems burning discs past…

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Shit, I just repaired my old HP 4020i myself and sold is for a couple of bucks.
The burner didn’t recognize any CDs because the spring failed, I replaced it with another one (from a ballpoint pen).
The problems with this drive started 4 years ago and I got lots of coasters because of that fault. And a blank CD-R back then cost almost 10 U$ a piece…


…and the lawsuit only applies to persons in the United States.


yeah, what about us europeans… I still have my defective 4020


i still have my hp 6020… it started failing a week after the warranty went void… in the beggining it only happened sometimes but now it can’t even recognize an audio disc… i opened it so many times to clean the lens, to apply grease to the lens mechanism … i tryied everything… I WANT A REFUND