Philips Sdvd8820 giving problems

[qanda]This thread is about the Philips SDVD8820. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have a huge problem with this drive. It seems that whenever I burn onto a Fujifilm, made in Taiwan +R disc, nothing plays on my toshiba player. Now I am not sure if its because my player is too picky, that these backups will not work, or if it’s because I have a bad burner or media. I looked up my Toshiba player online, and I think it may have compatibility issues with +R, and it seems to be a fussy player too. But the problem may also be with the drive, because even though the drive burns onto the disc, when I put it back it takes a while for it to recognize the disc it just burned. Once or twice, it didn’t even recognize the disc. And when I say it takes a while, I mean like more than five minutes in counting. When it doesn’t recognize the disc it just burned, it reads it as empty, and even allows me to reburn on a burned disc, so there is something wro:iagree:ng here. Oh by the way, I have a philips sdvd8820. My toshiba standalone player is SD-V394. Oh there is another thing, I never found this to be a problem, because I do not care about burn speeds, but this could indicate something, my player is usually always running between 2.4x and 4x only, even though the burner is supposed to be 8x and the fujifilm(rated 16x). The burner did not slow down or anything, because it was this bad and slow from the beginning. Ive probably only done about a dozen burns on it anyway. Let’s say it is the media, I am taking a wild guess. I was thinking of getting Taiyo yuden -R 8x discs( TYG02) from But I hear across this forum that both Verbatim and Taiyo yuden are awesome, but a lot of people both have been overrated on this website. So I do not really know if I should choose either, or neither? I have also been hearing this thing about Taiyo yuden having the best PEF/PIF scans, but being on the lower ends of reflectivity compared to a lot of media, which would probably be the worst thing for me, especially if I have a fussy player. So when I think of good media, I just want something that plays flawlessly and quickly, and has good shelf wear. Id appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. And if anyone has used taiyo yuden or verbatim, in any combinations, either with this burner, or toshiba player, let me know if it worked. Thanks.:iagree:

Media compatability.
your drive may be burning dvd+r,when your dvd player will only
recognize dvd- rom or dvd-r
if your drive tops out at 8X its an older drive and will not like 16X+R discs
because it doesnt recognize the pre-programed code ,
but 16X-R should work
buy some DVD-R discs at office max*verbatim on sale this week
and use the IMGBURN program to identify your drives potential for
dvd-rom and 8X burn speed

thats all I got until the Calvary arrive
start reading the tutorials for IMGBURN it will take awhile,but its worth it

Good Luck!

This makes a lot of sense, the drive is old, I got it with the laptop in 2006. But what I do not get is this. I also have Taiyo yuden genuine Cd-R. These are quality media, and they should be accepted by my drive, cause theyre -R, and CDs!!, lol. Ive went through 25 discs= all coasters. And my toshiba should play this too, because it is a CD-R, and yes I have burned CD-R(same media) with my desktop( CD burner) and it has played on this toshiba. I just want to verify, is this a crappy drive. If it is can anyone recommend a great but not too expensive drive. Thanks.